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Tama Starclassic Performer

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I got this kit brand new in January 2006 and have been the only owner. It does have cosmetic damage on it which I have tried to include in the pictures. It has fairly new heads. Evans 300 Clear head on the snare and Evans G1's on the toms. The batter heads are Remo Powerstoke 4 on the kick, Remo Emperor on the snare and Evans G2's on the toms. The kit features Birch shells, Star Cast tom mounting system and comes in a galaxy blue fade finish The sizes of the drums are: 14x6.5 Snare 24x18 (undrilled) 4" Holz Kick 12x9 Tom 16x16 Floor Tom I am also including a Tama boomstand with tom holder and Protection Racket cases for each drum. Free UK mainland delivery There is some cosmetic damage on the kit. There are chips on the bass drum where the tom hangs over and on the hoop where the pedal attaches. Some of the other drums have the odd little chip here and there. One of the floor tom legs is also missing a rubber shoe.
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Drum Kits
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Delivery available
Item Condition:
7 out of 10 - Good
Drum Kit Manufacturer:
Starclassic Performer B/B
Drum Kit Colour:
Other Colour
Drum Kit Finish:

Drum Kit Tom Sizes

12" Tom

Drum Kit Floor Tom Sizes

16" Floor Tom

Drum Kit Primary Bass Drum Size

24" Bass Drum