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Sonor Force 3000 Made In Germany 1992 Scandinavian birch

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Sonor Force 3000 Made In Germany 1992 Scandinavian birch Scandinacian birch 5 piece shell pack. All round and well kept. Amazing set. I love this kit. My jam space just sold and I'm out. I have another kit I can't sell so this is the one to go. This is kit is a show stopper it's so beautiful. It can sound delicate or thunderous. The kick drum has two distinct should more than Any other I've ever played ( hammer off or buried). Ive always played it as a 4 piece. It's got 100% original hardware. Google them. They're the rarest drums I've ever owned. I'm offering these with free shipping (obviously it's in the price) but I'll take the hit. Europe and worldwide contact me before. I I can assure you, if you've wanted a special kit that none other will have, this could well be it. Please send questions? Open to offers. You'll notice I love hear Toronto canada. I am an experienced seller with 100% positive feedback on the gear page, guitars canada, ebay and (where it's also listed). Shoot me your offers. I need this gone asap. My shipping expense will be included in the final price. This kit will not disappoint.
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Drum Kits
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8 out of 10 - Very Good
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Drum Kit Tom Sizes

12" Tom
13" Tom

Drum Kit Floor Tom Sizes

16" Floor Tom

Drum Kit Primary Bass Drum Size

22" Bass Drum