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Pearl ELX rock kit in green fade with extra JoeySigniture snare and HHX set up plus cases!!

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Here i have my beautiful and well travelled ELX kit in green fade 12", 13" ,16" toms, 22" bass, 14 x 5.5" snare, Pearl Joey Jordison signiture 13 x 6.5" snare, 2 x tom arms, 3 x tom legs, bodyglove soft cases for all except joey pp hardcase. Sabian hhx set up 14" hihats heavy bottom, 10" splash, 15" xplosion crash, 16" stage crash (chipped) 18" china, 20" ride in a protection racket sofft case. pearl hihat stand, snare stand, 2x boom stand, 2x straight stand. Ludwig boom stand all in soft case. This kit has been with me for nearly 10years and recorded 7 albums, toured 8 countries and been excellent to me, i love it dearly and dont really want to sell, but needs must :'( Note. Not for sale stool, cowbell and pedal, double kick pedal. open to offers/questions. cheers en!! Tommo
Listing Type:
Drum Kits
Item Delivery Options:
Collection from seller only
Item Condition:
7 out of 10 - Good
Drum Kit Manufacturer:
Export ELX
Drum Kit Colour:
Drum Kit Finish:

Drum Kit Tom Sizes

12" Tom
13" Tom

Drum Kit Floor Tom Sizes

16" Floor Tom

Drum Kit Primary Bass Drum Size

22" Bass Drum